About the 3D lenticular photo design tech

About the 3D lenticular photo design tech

2015-09-30 15:12:32

(1). Ask : If I bought some lenticular lens sheet, and paste a flat image, then I can produce

       the lenticular printing, right ?

      Reply : No, you can’t, you must learn the professional 3D software and 3D lenticular technology first,

      you can learn from our company, after you have learned, you can produce them by yourself.

(2). Ask : I have free downloaded the 3D software, but I can’t design the 3D lenticular effect by it, why ?

       Reply : The free 3D softwares are trial version, a lot of function can’t be used, you should buy the

       complete version 3D lenticular software from our company.

(3). Ask : How to design a strong 3D effect photo ?

       Reply : The background color can’t single, and need has several colors, colors should be bright,

       it need has layers feel between object and object.

(4). Ask : I want to make the Flip effect for 3 images, I should send you what images ?

       Reply : You should only send us the 3 flat images.

(5). Ask : Can you produce good quality 3D effect lenticular printing according my design?

        Reply : Yes, we can.

(6). Ask : What format images need I send you ?

       Reply : You can send us the PSD, JPG, AI , PDF, CORELDRAW files.

(7). Ask : Need I send you the CMYK files or RGB files ?

       Reply : It is the best you can send us the CMYK files.

(8). Ask : I send you the flat images, can you design the 3D effect and Flip, etc. all effects according my requests ?

       Reply : Yes, we can.

(9). Ask : I can operate the 3D software, but I can’t produce the 3D lenticular printing, why ?

        Reply : Because there are many productive technology in it, so if you want to produce lenticular printing

        by yourself, you should  learn the full lenticular technology from our company first. After you have learn it,

        you can produce all the lenticular printings.

(10). Ask : I haven’t the photos,  how to make the lenticular printing ?

         Reply : You can choose photos from our photo gallery, and tell us, we can produce lenticular printing for you.

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