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lenticular lens sheet

10LPI lens sheet

TAG: 10LPI lens sheet lenticular lens sheet PS lens sheet lenticular plastic sheet
Product number:GZY-C001

Our 10LPI lens sheet can be made outdoor and indoor large advertising photo and  lenticular wedding photo, it has clear surface and good Flip and morph effects. And have solid and durable, UV resistance characteristics of. It can be main produced large size Flip effect lenticular advertising printing. We can produce any size according your requests

(1). Material: PS;

(2). It have 10 each inch, lens parallel to the width side (240cm);

(3). Viewing angle is 51,  viewing distance is 1~ 15m;

(4). The best storage temperature is 23~30, the best store humidity is 70%;

(5). Standard size have 120 * 240cm;

(6). Thickness have 3.2mm;

(7). 200pcs for one pallet.


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