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How to make good effect 3D lenticular printings
1. You must know how to choose picture or image, if there isn’t any 3D effect in itself, then can’t make good effect 3D lenticular printing by best technology and equipment;
2. You must learn 3D lenticular tech first, and must know how to operate software, test materials, choose materials and equipment, how to produce lenticular printings. If you haven’t learned this lenticular technology , and do it, this will waste you more time and money.
How to design good quality 3D effect lenticular design
The color of whole design must be bright, background color should better not one, and need has leyer. Every object is not too small, and has some room. Between each object and background need have layer, and need have front-back distinction. It can’t a single color in the background.
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