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3D lenticular poster

Our large 3D poster is one of our good quality lenticular printigns, it is printed on 100% recyclable and flexible high quality  PET or PP lenticular sheets . More and more advertisers have been using large 3D poster to promote new products ,movies events or even political events. With the help of large 3D poster you can take this traditional marketing to the next level. Be advanced and stay ahead of the competition by promoting with amazing lithographic UV offset printing. Your new large 3D poster can be hanged on a wall or vertical surface by an adhesive sticker that is available as an addon.posters with Lenticular are both eye-catching and informative and may be used for many purposes.


By showing the depth of motion as the viewing angle changes, large 3D poster can demonstrate flip, animation,morph, or 3D effect.

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