About our products quality

About our products quality

2015-10-10 15:38:31

(1). Ask : I bought 120*240cm size lenticular lens sheet, ship them for whole size, how to packing ?

   Reply: We use exported plywood box to pack them, the packing is very safe, our packings are suitable for long-distance transportation. don’t worry.

(2). Ask : When we received those products, and found some products are damaged, how to handle ?

    Reply: We will take some products photos to you before sending those products, so when you just received them, please carefully check those packagings if there are any breakage before you sign, if you found some products are broke, don’t sign your name in the way bill, and inform us immediately, we will handle at once.

(3). Ask : How to guarantee the qulity of the products ?

   Reply : Our company has a professional QC department, and all products need be checked detailedly, and take out those defective products, and do a detailed inspection report, then we can ship those good quality products to you.

(4). Ask : If I found to have bad products, can you return ?

   Reply : Please return those bad products to us, after we check them, and confirmed they are bad quality, we will send you a replacement right now.

(5). Ask : Can I just pay the balance after received those goods ?

   Reply : No, you can’t. Our company is a entity company, through the SGS certification, we can carefully completed everything of promised you, don’t worry.

(6). Ask : Can you pack according my requests ?

   Reply: Yes, we can.

(7). Ask : Can I come to the inspection before you ship those products ?

   Reply : Yes, you can.

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