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3D lenticular puzzle

The 3D lenticular puzzle is one of our quality lenticular printings. Their color are abundant, their gradation is distinct, and are vivid pictures. Let you see different pictures in the different angle, it is like stepping into a photo. We can produce 3D,  flip, zoom, morph, move and animation, etc. all kinds of effects of you want.  The advantages of 3D lenticular puzzle have convenient assembly,  adopted the safe and environmentally friendly non-toxic paper and lens sheet material, can  training hand and brain coordination, improve visual discrimination ability, the establishment of space imagination, really it reach " it reside it teach on the happy " result, popular science knowledge has rich historical and cultural knowledge, enrich their knowledge, assemble the complete 3D  puzzle as home furnishings, highly ornamental. The standard size is 234*295mm, and we can produce any size of you want. Please provide your design, size and quantity, we will quote you the price ASAP. Welcome to contact us.

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