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Product number:GZY-C041

The 3D lenticular badge is another popular choice because of its appealing and eye-catching characteristics. Unlike FLIPPING, the image does not change or move, but you could see different objects of the same images being separated into different spatial layers. If it is used as a poster, it helps to enhance the effectiveness of your Custom Imprinted promotional gifts when passerby is lured to hold the steps. If it is used as a small gift and premium items, it could prolong the life of your marketing messages as the potential customers usually keep these unique images together with your message as collectible. The returns of your investment will be enhanced. We can produce any size for those 3D lenticular badge according your requests. And can produce all effects according your requests. Please provide your designs and quantity,  we can quote a reasonable price for you at once. Welcome to contact us.

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